Have you ever wanted to go camping with the kids but the thought of packing the car, setting up camp and returning is enough to limit this activity to twice a year? You are not alone. The convenience of it all is just too good to dismiss. There are plenty of benefits to hosting a back yard camping session vs standard camping. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should rather consider backyard camping.

1. It saves you money

This has to be the number one reason. It saves you money. You don’t need to pay for gas, extra food, firewood, camping fees, purchase all the additional equipment other than a tent and sleeping bag. Back Yard camping is an affordable activity that the entire family can do and can enjoy. 

2.  It saves you time

Statistically speaking most families travel within a 2h drive from home. Your two hours spent on traveling there are doubled when you return making your driving time 4 hours. If we pair that with packing your vehicle, getting everyone ready, setting up camp, unpacking, washing and preparing to return home then you will easily have spent half a day on logistics. Setting up camp in your backyard should only take you 10 minutes. The kids will still get the same sort of rush and excitement from the whole “setting up camp” experience with the added benefit of it not having to cost you precious time.

3. You don’t need to prepare for emergencies

Another point not to be skipped over. Ultimately you do not need to plan for emergencies. All the survival gear you would normally pack can remain in the cupboard. Should an emergency arise, you can easily access your things inside of your house or alternatively call for some help. With doctors and hospitals just a stone throw away there is no imminent danger.  

4. Sleep overs are made more fun

Entertaining your children and their friends has never been easier. Setting up “Camp” will prove to be an activity and they can all sleep In one spot together. Pair this with a birthday party or slumber party and you are bound to hear laughter coming from outside. Set up a small barbecue for them to use as a “ camp fire” and they can even make their own s’mores. All of these activities can even be turned into a budget romantic “getaway”

5. You don’t have to worry about the weather

This is an added bonus, you no longer need to worry about the weather. If things get ugly or too windy then you can easily pack up camp and go home. You do not need to pack up camp on account of light rain. Rain on your tent top is soothing and wonderful to listen to just remember to ensure your tent has the rain cover over it. If your kids get too cold or if they decide they are scared in the middle of the night – That is no problem at all, they cans till duck inside.

As you can see there are plenty of reasons to rather have a back yard camping session. Remember to still keep it authentic though. You can easily make a little “fire pit” by creating a sandy patch on the lawn. No camping experience is a camping experience without a fire. The kids can make S’mores and hot chocolate. Dinner wise you don’t need to stress… just order in some pizza 😉