Fitness is a holistic term which includes physical and psychological well being. These two elements are inextricably linked and improving physical fitness definitely has psychological effects. To achieve fitness one has to alter the lifestyle to include both a commitment to exercising and ensuring proper nutrition. Exercising 30 minutes at least five days a week makes you look and feel better while reducing the risks for many chronic conditions. Physical activity boosts the immune system and mental sharpness and helps avoid diabetes, obesity, cancer and heart problems.

Running, lifting and stretching can be exciting. The usual fitness routines can become entertaining fitness programmes. A new slew of gyms, studios and workout experiences have emerged all over. From a company that takes yoga out of the studio and into the woods to a competitive cycling class that taps into your inner athlete to a street-inspired dance class, these exercise experiences are completely reinventing what it means to’ go to the gym’.

Some of the craziest, fun-filled and creative ways of exercising are discussed below. The list is endless and one can get inspired to try something new and plan a fitness focussed vacation.

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Daybreaker – These are dance classes clubbed with cardio. It is a super workout session with the best music. One can hit the dance floor at 6 am for a club like atmosphere and super fun workout which starts the day like none other. It also involves the endorphins one gets from an early morning treadmill run paired with the euphoria of busting out the best moves.

Flex Studios РThe Pilates reformer provides an intense, core focussed burnout that the machine’s moving platform provides. It involves full body sculpting, fast-paced workout that incorporates both strength training and cardio.

Swerve Fitness – This bought the first team inspired indoor cycling workout to New York. Classes are divided into three groups who compete for the highest energy output or THE SWERVE SCORE, which is measured by state of the art tracking technology on the bikes. High energy instructors lead riders through a series of speed intervals, heavy hills and team challenges for 45 minutes of sweat-inducing cycling. Bring along your headphones if you like to zone out and focus on feeling the burn!

Studio Anya – At studio Anya, one can float, fly and swing their way to a completely new perspective and physique. The playground like environment offers proprietary classes that integrate yoga, pilates, and dance. One can strengthen the core, build muscle and calm the mind all in the same place. Also, the anti-gravity yoga classes are fun and may even make you forget, that you are working out. The gentle inversions help circulate blood throughout the body.

Define Body and Mind– It is dedicated to the overall well-being of an individual. It helps decrease stress as well as increase strength. These include yoga, ballet and core strengthening which target all the muscle groups in the body. It also has an eco-friendly and calming design inside each studio which helps people feel more relaxed and rejuvenated when they walk out.