There are women out there that look like having kids is effortless and easy. Then there are moms like me who spend our time forgetting what activities our kids have and losing track of things. My life is nothing short of absolute chaos. Balancing 4 kids homework, play time, bath time and dinner is no joke. So how do busy moms manage to balance work, exercise, sleep and raising little critters? The number one thing that I am sure you have heard several times is routine, routine. It is simply the most important step followed by taking short cuts.

Anyone who has plenty of kids knows just how hard the task of doing homework is. Things are always chaotic in our household between 3 and 6 pm. The afternoon usually starts with a small lunch that I try and prepare before picking everyone up, of course, there are always several complaints about what has been prepared. The little tots get to play outside while I am busy with the older kids. We installed two trail cameras in our garden to monitor them while we were inside. Click here to have a look at the best options that are available today. They are such an effective and inexpensive option. I can watch them on the monitor or even my phone. They also offer added security. Anyway – While I am spying on the tots, I am also sitting down doing homework. Well, let’s be honest, I have a cup of tea first and then get up to cook dinner while answering questions or threatening them to do their work. No one likes homework.

We are fortunate to have a breakfast nook in the kitchen which allows me to prep food and keep an eye on the homework progress. Aren’t we always just in the kitchen? It most certainly is the heart of the home. One of my favorite places to look for recipes and advice is on

By the time the older kids are done doing their home work and I have finished cooking dinner, the little ones are usually starting to get ratty. I take this opportunity to pop them into the tub so that the older ones can have their down time in peace.  Once the tots are bathed, dad usually gets home. Yay!!!! Moms saving grace. He entertains everyone while I set the table for dinner. I find sitting down and eating at the dinner table ( or sometimes the breakfast nook) encourages everyone to eat better. We spend this time catching up on everyone’s day and activities. It is a wonderful bonding experience.

Once dinner is done its dads turn to make sure our two older kids shower while I put myself, I mean tots, to sleep. Depending on how fast asleep I am my husband will either wake me or leave me to sleep. I usually wake up an hour or two later by which time our older kids are asleep and hubby is watching tv.

This Mamma then gets to have a peaceful cup of tea and catch up before prepping lunch boxes for the morning routine and finally heading off to bed. Shew… all in a days work.